GRETA final conference at Lyon


Shallow geothermal energy helps meeting the target for renewable energies: GRETA project provides tools for its deployment

“We are in a fragile territory”, facing the global climate change challenge and specific biodiversity and landscape issues reminded Nuno Madeira, from the Joint Secretary of the Alpine Space Area, in Villeurbanne at the Final Conference of the GRETA project on November 7th.

The European renewable energy directive sets the biding target for the renewable energy share at 32% of the European energy consumption in 2030. Each country has the objective to increase the share of renewables in heating and cooling by 1.3 % per year. Shallow geothermal energy, which can provide sustainable heating and cooling for buildings, 24h/24h and is available nearly everywhere, should play an active part in reaching these targets. To make it happen, the 12 partners of the GRETA project worked together for 3 years. They created tools to foster the implementation of shallow geothermal energy.

The TUM says a big thank you to our fantastic and dedicated project team!